Franky Stephenson

Franky Stephenson

Head of Business Intelligence,
Anthony Nolan

Leading Anthony Nolan’s cross divisional data community through a 5 year data strategy to deliver groomed and governed data for informed decision making. We focus on culture and business process, as well as technology and analytic development

Join in the discussion with a panel of data leaders from across the voluntary sector as they share key insights in supporting data transformation

  • Assess the challenges facing charities in expanding reach, supporting sustained engagement and attracting supporters through data
  • Explore how charities can harness data intelligence to deliver high quality targeting, personalisation and bespoke campaigning which maximises results
  • Evaluate the future of customer relationship management (CRM) in enhancing the user experience and attracting support
  • Gain practical insights on how leading national charities are advancing their data capabilities and how this transformation can be replicated across the sector